Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October 23/08 Playlist

1.Billy Preston - Outa Space
2.Buddy Miles - Down By the River (Neil Young cover)
3.Phil Flowers and The Flower Shop - Like A Rolling Stone (Bob Dylan cover)
4.Richie Havens - Just Like A Woman (Bob Dylan cover)
5.Esther Philips - Use Me (Bill Withers cover)
6.Nina Simone - Westwind
7.Jane Bunnett feat. Kellylee Evans - The Only One
8.Curumin - Misterio Stereo
9.Ray Barretto - Acid
10.The Gaff and Factor - Trip #4
11.Tribe Called Quest - Excursions
12.People Under The Stairs - Up Yo Spine (Live at Fishbucket pt.3)
13.Mighty Underdogs feat MF Doom - Gun Fight

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