Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oct 30/08 playlist - Halloween Special!!!

1.Charles Wright and The 103rd St. Watts Rhythm Band - Express Yourself
2.The Jimmy Castor Bunch - Say Leroy (The Creature from the Black Lagoon is Your Father)
3.Earth Wind & Fire - Evil
4.Parliament - Chocolate City
5.Mandingo - Bodysnatcher
6.Soul Messengers - Burn Devil Burn
7.Moses Mayes - Full Moon
8.Fela Kuti - Zombies
9.Whodini - Haunted House of Rock
10.Geto Boys - Mind Playin' Tricks on Me
11.Gravediggaz - Nowhere To Run
12.Gravediggaz - The Night The Earth Cried
13.Buck 65 - Wicked and Weird

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